I’ve never looked back – James Ommaney Retirement Community

According to resident Margaret Thorpe, the decision to move to TriCare’s James Ommaney Retirement Community had been daunting but ultimately good for her.

Ms Thorpe said she made the move after admiring the quiet, leafy streets of Mt Ommaney and listening to the encouraging words from residents returning from a shopping trip on the community bus.

“I have never looked back,” she said.

“After six months in hospital with a long difficult commute between Rockhampton and Brisbane for healthcare needs, I looked into living options in the local community”.

“I saw many villages that were too big or didn’t feel right and then I discovered James Ommaney Retirement Community nestled in the western suburbs of Brisbane. When you first drive in, it looks very pleasant and as you keep going, it just gets better”.

“It has lovely gardens, nice big rooms and plenty of space.”

Ms Thorpe said those considering moving to the retirement village would enjoy the range of activities and the freedom to join in as much or as little as they pleased.

“There is plenty to do and lots of activities to enjoy if you want to join in, or if not, that’s fine too,” she said.

“The staff are wonderful and there is no pressure. Coming to Brisbane and trying something new was good for me.”

I wouldn’t be anywhere else – Willow Glen Retirement Community

Four years ago I moved into Willow Glen Retirement Village, in preparation for retirement. Being on my own, I was looking for security, peace, happiness, privacy and companionship. Like most moves, there is ambivalence. On arrival, however, that soon gave away to certainty. The very comfortable well appointed units, the spacious grounds and gardens, with security, peace, happiness, privacy and companionship, for me, is my dream come true.

My four years at Willow Glen have been very happy. From personal experience, I give Willow Glen the highest recommendation for enjoying life after work. To all contemplating retirement, don’t make a final decision until you have visited Willow Glen.

I wouldn’t be anywhere else!

Margaret Kreis

Greatest place to live – Willow Glen Retirement Community

We have lived at Willow Glen Retirement Village for over nine years and it is the greatest place to live. We have trouble fitting in all of the functions, outings, and activities arranged by Robyn, Margot and the Resident’s Committee. From the gardeners, Village Management and TriCare representatives, we have nothing but praise, they are always there for us. Thank you for a job well done.

Arthur and Hellen Pearson

Great Fun – Runaway Bay Retirement Community

About four and a half years ago my late husband and I, and my little dog, Miffy, moved into Runaway Bay Village. At first I was quite reluctant and only agreed to live in a retirement village as he was insisting on it. He had recently discovered that he had terminal cancer and he wanted to be assured that I would be well cared for when he went.

Well, so I am. I have a lovely unit where I can see both the beautiful and often stunning sunrises and sunsets mirrored in the – usually – calm, peaceful waters spread out below, complete with interesting wildlife. I know that whenever I decide to drive off with Miffy and my caravan down to Victoria to visit my children and grandchildren, or fly further afield to a daughter in Alaska, everything is safely cared for in my absence.

At first I really missed the acre of garden we had left behind, but I have a small garden here and I think I’m glad that it is no bigger now. I can enjoy long sweeping vistas of green lawn, waving palms, colourful hibiscus and perfumed frangipani without having to do a thing about maintaining them.

There are so many activities on offer in the village, if I joined them all I’d never get into any of my hobbies at all. But when I do join in, they are great fun, like the Trivia Night we had yesterday evening. Of course, it helped that our table won!

The staff are very friendly and helpful, including our Manager, Ron Wilson, who is always ready to give a cheerful helping hand to those who need it.

Thank you, TriCare!

Bronwen Scott-Branagan

A new life – Runaway Bay Retirement Community

If it is true that first impressions are the most important I must pay tribute to the location of Runaway Bay Village which is situated in a picturesque setting in the heart of Runaway Bay.

When I first advised my family that I would like to enter a Retirement Village they were not sure it was a good idea as I am very independent. I visited a few establishments in and around the area and then a friend told me about Runaway Bay Village. I made an appointment and was impressed with the friendly, courteous manner that was extended to me by Management.

I was shown the units and grounds that overlook the canals and was delighted with the amount of space without the feeling of isolation. When I entered the main building my eyes lit up when I realised there was an indoor heated pool and two outdoor swimming pools, swimming being one of my activities.

I fell in love with the serviced apartments in Keppel Lodge and made my decision there and then to try to obtain one, and, after an initial interview with the Manager moved in three months later.

I have resided here for over a year and have not been disappointed with my decision and my family are delighted that I am content. I can honestly say that despite losing my husband after fifty seven years of marriage the new life I have made for myself here has been wonderful. You would find it very difficult not to like all the staff whose caring and friendliness has never wavered during my time here.

What is so nice is the fact that you can be as interactive or not as you please but you will still be greeted with a smile by the residents and staff alike. There are numerous activities to enjoy and I have never had a dull moment so far.

I know these are only my experiences but I also know no matter who you ask, be it residents who have lived here for twenty years or six months you will receive the same answer. What is more, even visitors who have not thought about a Retirement Village have commented that this is the type of place they would choose.

If you like to hear birds singing in the morning, watching pelicans fly over at night or waving to the boats as they go out at weekends, and top it off with some wonderful functions held in the Lounge and Companions Restaurant, then, like me: this is the place to be.

Joan Lewis

Young in heart and mind – Cypress Gardens Retirement Community

I may be one of the oldest residents at over 90 years young, but I am still involved in all of the Retirement Villages activities. These range from the weekly Happy Hour, to the monthly trips by the Village Bus to places such as O’Reillys in the Gold Coast Hinterland, and on so many other trips arranged by our social committee. And this keeps me young in heart and mind.

Mr Clay Roberts – Cypress Gardens Retirement Community

Carefree Lifestyle – Cypress Gardens Retirement Community

It was a big decision to make such a big move from interstate (Orange NSW), but I have not regretted my move for one minute. I am very happy with the lifestyle I now have, living in comfortable surroundings with congenial people. The staff are very thoughtful and considerate, and I appreciate the conveniences such as a hairdresser, and a bus to take me shopping.

It is indeed a carefree lifestyle when you’re not worring about the normal household problems, painting the house and general maintenance of the property for example.

Mrs Patricia Connaghan – Cypress Gardens Retirement Community

How Wonderful – Compton Gardens Retirement Community

Compton Gardens is a short 13km from Brisbane city and an equal distance from Queensland’s beautiful Moreton Bay. With 274 independent living units and 26 serviced apartments, this beautiful leafy retirement village has all the amenities you could want for a healthy and happy retirement.

Life 50+ spoke to resident Pauline Lovatt about living at Compton Gardens. “I had cared for my husband in our 2-story home for a number of years and when he passed away in March 2010 I went online to have a look at the villages in this area. When I saw Compton Gardens I felt this was the place for me and since I’ve lived here this feeling has never wavered. I feel secure and certainly feel I chose well. I realised how much easier village life was going to be and since moving my health has improved and I am happy.

“I live in a one-bedroom Villa and it was fully refurbished prior to my moving in. My family were a little worried when I found this village and chose to move in so quickly after my husbands’ death, they were concerned I was making a rash decision. Since visiting Compton Garden’s they see how wonderful the village is and have commented on how spacious my Villa is, how happy they are with the security and the friendliness surrounding me.

“There are a lot of activities both in the village and surrounding areas. It is an ideal location, within walking distance to the shops. I have started doing exercise classes and there is a hydrotherapy pool which will help with my joints. There are a few different clubs in the village, I’m quite interested in joining the scrabble group but I maintain quite a busy life outside of the village so it’s about fitting it all in.

“I babysit my great-grandchildren who are 2, 3 and 6. They come to stay, as do my grand-children when they are up this way, there are no restrictions. Being able to have them here and use all the facilities with them is great. The landscaping has been constructed to offer the maximum privacy for each villa, there are many bushes and trees and the village is lovely to walk around.

“I haven’t lived here for long but I have created great friendships with the other 6 ladies that live in my street. We have morning teas together sometimes, or do activities together or just meet in the street for a chat. Nobody encroaches on your private time; I can have as much or as little company as I want.

“I brought my daughters and a niece who was here from overseas to Compton Gardens in May and they could see what a great lifestyle was on offer – it relieved all of their concerns. I am enjoying life and my kids know how happy I am. I have my independence with the added security of help only being a few minutes away – peace and mind for all concerned.

“I had the choice of different sized villas, with garages or a courtyard or different options. You can have a 3 course meal at the restaurant in the village and it is the best mashed potato I have eaten outside of my own home, everything you need is here and it’s just great. I definitely feel I have made the right decision.”

Compton Gardens is located in Aspley, Queensland. It includes facilities such as swimming pools, an auditorium, BBQ areas, medical rooms, hairdresser and much more and a soon to be constructed putting green.

Mrs Pauline Lovatt – Compton Gardens Retirement Village