High Recommendation – Pimpama Aged Care Residence

I wish to convey the family of Gwendoline Braithwaite thanks for the wonderful environment you provided for mother’s care in the last years of her life.

The home always looked clean, smelt clean, was light and spacious, the home did not feel like the average nursing home which can be depressing. We were always made to feel welcome both indoors and outdoors there was always somewhere comfortable to sit and relax with mother.

How wonderful to find a nursing home that was not hemmed in by suburbia and traffic fumes, this home is a gem. Mother was told by the staff when she arrived that this was her home and she was to treat it as such and that she could roam around and be where she wanted. She took them at face value and I am sure there was no nook and cranny that she did not know about.

These were the most important things about the home, the other important thing is the attitude of the staff – I do not know how you manage to keep staff with such consistently caring and kind attitudes. Hold you head high that as management, your judgement is so good.

I know catering for such large numbers can be a challenge but you achieved good standard of dishes that this age group were familiar with and would have eaten similar in their own homes.

The medical care was also great and since this family has many members within the medical field I guess our expectation of care was higher than the average – congratulations, you fulfilled our expectations.

Lastly, communication between ourselves, staff and management was excellent. We always knew what mothers needs were and her health was never overlooked. If she needed to be in hospital she was sent immediately, we even know what category the ambulance was called on IE. code 1 or 2 etc.

We have and will continue to recommend TriCare Pimpama as our first choice for a nursing home for a loved one.

Yours Sincerely

Rita Cox – on behalf of the family of Gwendoline Braithwaite

Exemplary Care – Stafford Lakes Aged Care Residence

I feel compelled to let you know how very happy I have been with …and staff at TriCare Stafford Heights.
My mother Grace Spiro recently passed away. She had been a resident in TriCare for over three years in both hostel and in C wing when she required a higher level of care.

The culture of care and genuine regard for the residents is exemplary. The support extended to me also, by the staff during my mother’s last months will be something I will always remember.

Ms Lynne Thomas – Newmarket

Very appreciative – Stafford Lakes Aged Care Residence

On behalf of the Muir and Arthur families, I am writing to thank you all for the loving kindness and professional care and attention which you gave to our much loved mother, mother-in-law, grandmother and great grandmother, Nancy Arthur during the time she lived in Room 3 at TriCare, and in particular during the last week of her life. I cannot tell you how much our family appreciated your care – it meant so much to us to know how well she was being looked after. You were all, without exception, wonderful.

Ms Ann Muir – Hamilton

Thankyou – Cypress Gardens Aged Care Residence

This is written to thank you and all your staff for the efficient loving care and attention I received over my two weeks respite from August 20.

As I saw the situation, all persons in your care were treated the same as I was and should be very grateful.

Any problem of which I was aware, from my own medication requirements, to the feeding of less than cooperative persons, was resolved with patience and aplomb.

Congratulations on an excellent run establishment!

Mr John Taylor – Broadbeach

High Praise – Bundaberg Aged Care Residence

I wish to compliment the administration and highly compliment the staff on the excellent work they did for Lila (my wife). One could not find any fault, from the cleaners – the room was always spic and span; the person who did all the sewing; the girls who looked after Lila and finally the food. I had the pleasure of being with Lila towards her end and while feeding her I noticed how good the food was.
I thought Lila was special to the nurses as they looked after her so well, but being there I could see the staff were like that to every patient.
I cannot praise these girls enough!
…I could not mention anyone nurse who was more outstanding than another for I felt they were all so lovely, professional and caring. They made Lila’s final years as good as they could be and for that I am so grateful.

Mr Kevin W Cooper – Bundaberg