Appreciate the time you spent – Pimpama Aged Care Residence

Jacinta, thank you so much for the very informative e-mail you sent last night. It has been incredibly useful in gaining an understanding of the process and finding entry into the aged care system and the advice I should seek. I greatly appreciate the time you spent to provide this information as it is far more extensive than what I had received from any other source.

At a difficult time, you made it easy – Cypress Gardens Aged Care Residence

Judy & Aleisha, thank you for the email and your excellent service to date. At a difficult time to make the right decision for Mum, you made it easy. Your warm welcoming genuine nature and guidance through the whole process has made our decision making easy. Mum is very excited about coming to a very warm and inviting atmosphere. Also a BIG thankyou to you also Aleisha, for your guidance.