Young enough to enjoy – Compton Gardens Retirement Community

Bob and I moved into Compton Gardens at the age of 65 when it first opened in October 1990 much to the questioning of our family. They just could not fathom out why their active parents who on retiring just 5 years earlier had built an architect designed house on the Logan River and landscaped the large block, would give it all away to live in a “Nursing Home” environment. What they did not know was that once living here, we no longer had to pay someone to babysit our house every time we went away, did not have to spend days and weeks cleaning up the yard, did not have to use the car nearly as much because the shops and bus station was right next door.
In the many years we have been here we have been privileged to visit several overseas countries, travelled thousands of miles towing our caravan around all states of Australia, enjoyed learning new hobbies, took part in many activities and most of all have met so many wonderful people. This was brought home to me when I lost my husband of 57 years. The staff and residents could not have been more caring and understanding in my new situation, there is no need for me to sell up my home, look for a new area in which to settle, and as I have heard for so many years “Oh I wish we had moved when my husband was alive” My advice to anyone is to come to Compton Gardens while you are young enough to enjoy all the excellent facilities provided for us.
Mrs Win Jackson – Compton Gardens Retirement Village

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