Great Fun – Runaway Bay Retirement Community

About four and a half years ago my late husband and I, and my little dog, Miffy, moved into Runaway Bay Village. At first I was quite reluctant and only agreed to live in a retirement village as he was insisting on it. He had recently discovered that he had terminal cancer and he wanted to be assured that I would be well cared for when he went.

Well, so I am. I have a lovely unit where I can see both the beautiful and often stunning sunrises and sunsets mirrored in the – usually – calm, peaceful waters spread out below, complete with interesting wildlife. I know that whenever I decide to drive off with Miffy and my caravan down to Victoria to visit my children and grandchildren, or fly further afield to a daughter in Alaska, everything is safely cared for in my absence.

At first I really missed the acre of garden we had left behind, but I have a small garden here and I think I’m glad that it is no bigger now. I can enjoy long sweeping vistas of green lawn, waving palms, colourful hibiscus and perfumed frangipani without having to do a thing about maintaining them.

There are so many activities on offer in the village, if I joined them all I’d never get into any of my hobbies at all. But when I do join in, they are great fun, like the Trivia Night we had yesterday evening. Of course, it helped that our table won!

The staff are very friendly and helpful, including our Manager, Ron Wilson, who is always ready to give a cheerful helping hand to those who need it.

Thank you, TriCare!

Bronwen Scott-Branagan

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