A new life – Runaway Bay Retirement Community

If it is true that first impressions are the most important I must pay tribute to the location of Runaway Bay Village which is situated in a picturesque setting in the heart of Runaway Bay.

When I first advised my family that I would like to enter a Retirement Village they were not sure it was a good idea as I am very independent. I visited a few establishments in and around the area and then a friend told me about Runaway Bay Village. I made an appointment and was impressed with the friendly, courteous manner that was extended to me by Management.

I was shown the units and grounds that overlook the canals and was delighted with the amount of space without the feeling of isolation. When I entered the main building my eyes lit up when I realised there was an indoor heated pool and two outdoor swimming pools, swimming being one of my activities.

I fell in love with the serviced apartments in Keppel Lodge and made my decision there and then to try to obtain one, and, after an initial interview with the Manager moved in three months later.

I have resided here for over a year and have not been disappointed with my decision and my family are delighted that I am content. I can honestly say that despite losing my husband after fifty seven years of marriage the new life I have made for myself here has been wonderful. You would find it very difficult not to like all the staff whose caring and friendliness has never wavered during my time here.

What is so nice is the fact that you can be as interactive or not as you please but you will still be greeted with a smile by the residents and staff alike. There are numerous activities to enjoy and I have never had a dull moment so far.

I know these are only my experiences but I also know no matter who you ask, be it residents who have lived here for twenty years or six months you will receive the same answer. What is more, even visitors who have not thought about a Retirement Village have commented that this is the type of place they would choose.

If you like to hear birds singing in the morning, watching pelicans fly over at night or waving to the boats as they go out at weekends, and top it off with some wonderful functions held in the Lounge and Companions Restaurant, then, like me: this is the place to be.

Joan Lewis

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